IPL hair removal


1. The SMQ-NYC IPL therapy system is a high intensive pulsed light treatment system.

2. The unit controlled by computer is composed of main console, operating interface and treatment head.

3. The embedded microprocessor monitors are capable of controlling the system continually.

4. The operating interface includes a full-LCD screen (8.0 inch), the key switch and emergency shut-off knob. 

5. LCD screen shows the system work program, treatment parameters and number of light emitting.

6. The treatment head operated by hand comprises the intensive emitter and transmission system which is designed based on standards of EN60601-1-2:2001 and EN60601-1:1990+ A1:1993+ A2:1995+ A13:1996.


1.Big spot size HR treatment  handle: 16 X 57mm ensures the treatment time is halfly reduced.

2.Modularization design makes it easier to do troubleshoot.

3.The benefit of using the Med Pulse is unquestionable, resulting in treatments that are quick, comfortable and effective. And only Med Pulse features the 3 in1 cooling device (Semi-conductor cooling, buitl-in water cooling and air cooling) to maximize your safety and comfort.

4.8.0 inch intuitive touch screen offers  user friendly interface.

Technical Parameters

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